The race is on - for the Melbourne Cup

Not a bad way to finish off a busy week - shooting gorgeous style blogger Caitlin for her blog, Chasing Cait, at the Vue Restaurant on top of Hotel Mercure last Friday. A fab place for a photo shoot (and I'm sure for a drink and dinner too!) - beautiful natural light coming in from all direction, stylish relaxed atmosphere, and the interior is just gorgeous.

The shoot was set up in preparation for a Melbourne Cup event that's being held at the restaurant on 3 November and we were shooting three different outfits to inspire the racing season. Here goes:

Melbourne Cup 2 (19).jpg

A prop of bubbles was essential to make it all look as authentic as possible!

Way above my heal height limit, but I just love those shoes!

If you want to know more about the outfits in this post or the event on 3 November, check out Chaising Cait.