Stormy skys at Auckland Museum

Wedding photos at Auckland museum

The weather has definitely been on the wild side the last few weeks, but on Rowena and Logan's big day we were lucky - stormy skies producing beautiful even light but no rain!

We headed to Auckland Museum for photos of the bridal party after the ceremony, just in time for the museum to close. At this time of the year, it was a perfect time to take wedding photos here, not just because the forecourt was emptying out, but also because of the lovely light before sunset.

auckland museum wedding photos

I think the whole setting looks rather Grecian! On to the boys... and a few shenanigans in front of the big wooden doors. Another bonus of getting to the museum after closing time - the doors are closed and make a stunning majestic backdrop.

Rowena & Logan-159.jpg

Time to send the bridal party off to the reception and give the bride and groom some time to themselves.

Finally, I was quite pleased that I managed to squeeze the sky tower in there.

Congratulations Rowena and Logan!