Hello baby!

The most frequent thing parents tell me at a newborn shoot is "never work with small children or animals!" - often in an apologetic tone when their little one has merrily peed (or more!) on one of my blankets. It's completely normal and happens pretty much every time. The blankets are easily washed and it doesn't bother me one bit. In fact, newborn shoots are one of my favourite types of photography.


I thought I'd write this blog, as I've come across a few common questions (and worries) from new parents who are thinking of booking a newborn session, that you might be thinking about too.

When should I book my newborn shoot?

Newborn photos are best taken during the first 4 weeks of your baby's birth. If you want those cute sleepy baby photos, the first 2 weeks are best, as the baby is still very sleepy and easily posed without waking him or her up. I have taken newborn photos with babies up to 2 months old, so it's no problem to leave it a little later if you prefer. Your baby will just be a bit more fidgety and lively the older it gets, so the photo swill be slightly different, but still as beautiful.

Accidents happen!

The most common concern of parents is that their little one might soil my props and blankets if we take their nappy off. Newborn photos look so much more natural and special if the baby is naked, or covered with just a thin wrap, and all my wraps, blankets and props are washed carefully after each shoot. So please don't worry. :-)

Other family members

If you already have children, it's a wonderful thing to include them in some of the photos. It's no problem to take a family photo of mummy, daddy and kids, plus individual ones with the new baby. You'd be surprised how even the most boisterous 2-year old can show a few moments of tender affection towards their new brother or sister - I've just got to to be quick and capture it! 

Is my house suitable?

I have a small mobile studio kit, which includes everything we need, that I bring along to your house and I've so far never had any problems setting it up in any home. All I need is an empty space of approximately 2.5 x 2.5 meters and some natural light coming into the room. And please don't worry if you're house isn't sparkling tidy. You've just had a baby and have more important things to do than clearing up. All parents I've worked with so far loved having the shoot done at their house, as it meant they had everything they needed close by, could change outfits and settle and feed baby in the comfort of their home environment.

What should I wear?

As a general rule, I would say keep it simple. Black, white or cream usually work well and I'd stay away from patterned clothes, as you don't want to distract from the pure and natural look of your little one. A short sleeve T-Shirt or vest usually works best. You can always have a couple of outfits ready and change into something more elegant, like a dress, for a family shot at the end of the session. Most importantly, make sure feel comfortable in whatever you choose to wear.

Do I have to have props?

The style of newborn photographs we take is completely up to you. Some of my customers prefer the classic black & white, naked shots of their baby, other love the full set of props. You can let me know beforehand, or if you are not sure, I'll bring along my selection of props (hats, headbands, baskets, blankets etc) and you can decide on the day. Most people like to go for a bit of both styles.

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And if you have any questions, please just let me know.